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About Natalie

Natalie is currently serving as a Branch Manager & Senior Loan Officer who is inspired by the drive to help others in the issues related to mortgage loan management. An avid seeker of knowledge, she is always on the lookout for an opportunity to assist others in pursuit of long-term prosperity and success.  


Natalie Wilson

Natalie Duarte is a proud mother of 21 years old son and is a fun-loving individual who loves practicing honesty & directness. She greatly cherishes helping people and is an avid explorer driven by her thirst for adventures. Besides this, Natalie enjoys good food & great company and is always in the quest of looking the very best.


I believe in not only taking care of the client, but also the real estate agent that referred them to me! I understand that communication and honesty is what people crave most. This belief keeps me in constant contact with my borrowers and real estate agents.

For more info visit her Zillow® page.
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